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“Education” is the process of teaching others to think with knowledge as a tool, thinking about how to use what they have to create higher social wealth and realize the embodiment of self-worth. Education (Education) in a narrow sense refers…

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Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

Is knowledge first? Is wisdom first? Can a person with knowledge have wisdom? Can a person with wisdom have knowledge? ?? Let’s start this time with a pretty philosophical expression … There are some things that you don’t know when…

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Cricket is a baseball-like sport that many people have heard but do not know in detail. Although it is classified as a minor sport in Japan, it is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer, including the…

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Child’s tantrum

Tantrum is hard to get rid of once the feelings explode, but there is always a reason behind the child’s tantrum. You can also control tantrum by giving consideration to your child in your daily life. In this article, we…

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Casting a Celebrity and Promoting a Product

Casting celebrities is an effective way to promote your product. It will also improve the image of products and brands. This article deals with the case of casting a celebrity to promote a product. It also explains the merits and…

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5 Steps for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

First steps to becoming an entrepreneur If you want to be an entrepreneur, you should evaluate your goals and test your startup ideas extensively in the real world before you quit your job, and it is reckless not to do…

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