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Casting a Celebrity and Promoting a Product

Casting celebrities is an effective way to promote your product. It will also improve the image of products and brands.

This article deals with the case of casting a celebrity to promote a product. It also explains the merits and flow of casting celebrities, casting in various situations, and the use of agency services.

It will be helpful when you are thinking about casting celebrities, so please take a look.

  • Casting a celebrity?

First, I will explain the merits of casting celebrities and the flow of casting.

  • Benefits of casting celebrities

The benefits of casting a celebrity are:

  • Improvement of product awareness
  • Image enhancement
  • Sales up

Casting celebrities and promoting products and services can help raise awareness. “Products promoted by actress A”

Many people will recognize the product. If you tell the usage scene, the image of the user will be easy to get, which will lead to further improvement of recognition.

In addition, if a person with a high degree of liking is appointed, the product image will be improved proportionally. The point is to appoint a celebrity who matches the image of the product or company, but if successful, the image of the product or company will improve.

If the image improves, it will have a positive effect on sales.

Casting a celebrity when you think about it can be effective. In this way, if you use a celebrity to promote your product, you will get various benefits.

  • Flow of casting celebrities

The general flow of casting celebrities Please refer to the following.

  • Determine the purpose and budget for casting celebrities
  • List of celebrities
  • Negotiations with your agency
  • Agreement
  • Operation

The basic flow is the above 5 steps.

First of all, it is important to decide the purpose and budget of the celebrity. There are various purposes for hiring celebrities, such as raising awareness, raising sales, branding, creating topicality, and impressing.

Another point is how much budget your company can secure for celebrity casting . For example, long-term commercials will cost a lot.

It is also necessary to make a firm judgment as to whether or not the budget can achieve the purpose. Once you’ve decided on your casting goals and budget, it ‘s time to list your celebrities . The point is to appoint a person who matches the image of the company’s product.

We will research the follower attributes of SNS, check past appointment results, research in detail, and then list.

After that, we negotiate with the office to which the celebrity belongs and conclude a contract about a series of contents including the amount of money .

Once everything is decided, it will be operational and promotion with celebrities will be carried out. Every process is important in the process.

  • A scene of casting a celebrity

There are various scenes (purposes) for casting celebrities. Here are five scenes of casting a celebrity. Let’s grasp the features and merits of each and utilize them for casting.

  • Casting on ads

Casting a celebrity in an ad is probably the easiest thing to imagine. For example, contract from basically three months if the TV CM (1 cool) the basic is the (possible short-term contracts, such as one month, depending on the contract).

The amount will vary depending on the contract period and other contract details.

By casting celebrities in TV commercials and event appearances, it is possible to widely announce and lead to attracting customers and conversions .

  • Casting on promotional videos / videos

You can also cast celebrities in promotional videos and videos. In many cases, the videos and videos produced are streamed online or at stores.

It would also be effective to set up a company or brand channel on YouTube and play the video . Similar to casting advertisements, we often make contracts that set the period of use of the video.

When the deadline approaches, you can request a re-contract. Promotions with videos and videos have the characteristic of being visually appealing to users.

Since the product image is easy to come up, you can expect effects such as conversion.

  • Casting to the event

Specific examples of casting at an event are new product launches. Appointing a celebrity for a new product launch will lead to sales promotion from the start of sales .

In most cases, there will be more one-off events for that day only. There is no need for medium- to long-term contracts like advertising contracts, so you can pinpoint the topic.

In addition to product PR, casting is widely done, such as casting at school festivals and local events.

  • Casting in a magazine interview

It is also an effective way to cast a celebrity in an interview with a magazine and have them promoted by being interviewed for a product or service.

Magazines are paper media specialized in specific fields such as fashion and hobbies, and have the advantages of being easy to target to the subscriber group and being highly reliable for the subscriber group . By taking advantage of this advantage and casting celebrities and having them interviewed, you can appeal the appealing points of products and services to readers in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, if the celebrities interviewed can disseminate their products and services through more powerful media such as SNS, further advertising effects can be expected.

  • Aim to increase awareness by casting celebrities

Celebrity casting is useful in many situations. It is effective in a wide range of fields such as raising awareness of companies, promoting new products, appointing to liven up events, and taking the stage at seminars.

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