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Cricket is a baseball-like sport that many people have heard but do not know in detail. Although it is classified as a minor sport in Japan, it is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

I think there are many people who have heard the name but have never actually seen it or played it. This time, I would like to introduce you to cricket, which you know the name of the competition but few people actually played!

  • What kind of sport is cricket in the first place?

Cricket is said to be the sport that became the prototype of baseball . Therefore, there are similarities between cricket and baseball . There is a pitcher and a batter, the batter hits the pitcher’s ball with a bat, the defensive player takes the shot ball, and the catcher takes the pitcher’s thrown ball. The tools and movements used in this way are a sport similar to baseball.

It is also a popular sport in the world. Competition population of 1 Oku 5000 million people are said to be, baseball competition population 30 million people 5 you there are times of the competition population. From this number , you can see that cricket is a popular sport all over the world !

it is said to be the most popular sport, and cricket is broadcast instead of baseball on TV in the food court of department stores . It is said that in the year when the Cricket World Cup is held once every four years, many people gather on the TV in the food court and it is very exciting. Also, many cricket bats are sold at local supermarkets instead of baseball bats . From this state , you can see that cricket is a popular sport for children and adults alike.

  • In fact, England started and the history of cricket:

There are many theories about the beginning of cricket, but it is said that in the 13th century in England, a shepherd boy made a play of hitting a thrown stone with a stick. It is said that this play developed into a gentleman’s sport enjoyed by upper classes such as cricket clubs in the center of England in the first half of the 18th century . Britain at that time was also during the British Empire and had many colonies. Cricket was also prevalent in the colony , and it is said that there were many people who played cricket , especially in India . That’s why the current Cricket in India is often the most athletic population , in the world best 3 it became a sport, which boasts the competition population to enter.

  • Introducing the tools and basic rules used in cricket:

Tools used in cricket

  1. Bat Unlike baseball, a plate-shaped bat is used.
  2. Ball A ball made of cork with wool thread wrapped around it and wrapped in leather.
  3. Uniforms The dress code is very strict and you should always wear a uniform with a white collar.
  4. Helmet The batter wears it to protect his head.
  5. Used by leg guards, glove batters and catchers to protect hands and knees, other defensive players take the ball with their bare hands .
  • Cricket ground:

what_is_cricket000The formal match is played on the grassy ground. According to the international standard for men, it is an oval shape with a width of about 140 m and a length of about 130 m, which is larger than a baseball field, but the size is reduced depending on the level and format of the tournament, and the age and gender of the athlete. In domestic competitions, the ground with a diameter of about 100m is often used, and in junior games, the diameter is about 60m. There are also tournaments using softball and formats for elementary and junior high school students, which can be enjoyed at tennis courts and gymnasiums.

  • Wicket:

Three sticks (stamps) are erected and a bail is placed on them.

  • Pitch:

A rectangular location where pitches and batting take place. Located in the center of the ground, wickets stand on both sides of the pitch. The distance between wickets is 20.12m in formal games, but it may be reduced to 15m in junior games.

  • Boundary:

Rope and markers are placed at the boundary that separates the competition area. You can get 4 points if the ball hits the boundary with a ground ball, and 6 points if you cross it with no bounds.

Summary of the match

  • Number of teams:

The match will be played by two teams of 11 people per team, each of which will alternately defend and attack (hit) once. As for the defense, positions other than the pitcher (baller) and catcher (wicket keeper) can be freely placed and changed at any time. Two batters (Batsman) enter the ground on the attacking side.

  • Bowling:

The purpose is to throw the ball in one band and defeat the wicket so that the Batsman is hard to hit. The pitch is thrown from the wicket on one side toward the wicket on the other side, and the prescribed number of pitches is 6 (1 over). It will not be thrown in two consecutive overs, and in the next over, another pitcher will throw from the opposite wicket.

  • Batting:

The Batsman standing on the wicket on the opposite side of the bowler is called a striker, and the Batsman standing on the wicket on the other side of the bowler is called a non-striker. Batsman will not be out no matter how many times he misses the wicket unless he is defeated. There is no foul zone and you can hit anywhere 360 ​​degrees. If you decide that you can’t make it in time, you don’t have to run.

  • Summary:

At first glance, it behaves like baseball, but it is a very interesting sport with many unusual elements such as the length of the game time unique to cricket and special rules.

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