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Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

Is knowledge first? Is wisdom first?

Can a person with knowledge have wisdom?

Can a person with wisdom have knowledge? ??

Let’s start this time with a pretty philosophical expression …

There are some things that you don’t know when to use them properly.

Among them, the two characters “knowledge” and “wisdom” are similar in character, and many people may get lost.

This time, we will look at the meanings, usages, and differences between the two.

  • How to live well?

If you continue to worry about something you don’t understand, you will get sick (depression, etc.), so you can live a little better. I think you should think about ” “. If you leave your worries unattended, you will get lost.

Some people are getting more and more enthusiastic about whether it’s okay as it is … it seems like a fool to work seriously. You may be lethargic and have serious troubles.

To ” live well ” is to handle things well and live. Cunning works ( sly There) is also possible to image the people.

If you throw away that bad image, you can see that “the point is good = wisdom works “.

Wisdom is gained through experience

Knowledge is the ability to understand, recognize, and understand things.

Some people read books even when they become members of society, but many of them acquire various knowledge from textbooks when they are students. As a member of society, I use my knowledge (thinking power) through my work to gain wisdom while sorting, judging, and processing things.

Knowledge and wisdom are applied differently, but wisdom is what can be gained through experience using knowledge (the ability to think). Similar things include empirical knowledge and tacit knowledge .

As compared to the story of students and adults, we have been reading, playing, practicing, and experiencing wisdom since we were children.

  • Learn the point from the way people live

I found that to avoid worrying, I had to acquire knowledge and wisdom and set goals. The rest is to live well so as not to be overwhelmed by time. To live well, you need to be taught and learned by the people around you.

When it comes to work, talk to colleagues, seniors, and bosses. By doing so, you will be able to understand the points. When I can work, I will be able to leave it to me, so I will be able to live well while devising myself.

24 hours a day is equal, but it makes a big difference depending on whether you are worried or live well.

The point can be learned from the way people live, so it is important to communicate and learn the good points.

  • Main difference between knowledge and wisdom?

What is your perception of knowledge and wisdom? I’m a similar word, so I didn’t really think about the meaning of the word. However, the other day, I was surprised to receive a seminar on information gathering, so I decided to write it in a note because I wanted to leave it in the text.

Perhaps everyone knows, but “knowledge” is what you get by inputting (reading books, listening to seminars, surfing the Internet, watching SNS, studying English, etc.), “wisdom” “” Means that the knowledge gained is actually utilized and “owned” to the extent that it can be transmitted from oneself. In other words, it was said that while outputting the input knowledge, it became “wisdom” if it could be unconsciously put out.

I think the same can be said about reading. No matter how much you read a book, it is meaningless if it remains as knowledge in your head, and I think it is important how you can utilize the acquired knowledge. Apart from the utilization here, I think it is good not only to “use” the knowledge gained by reading a book, but also to convey (teach) the knowledge to the people around you. Scholars and teachers are like that, and by teaching and communicating, knowledge becomes their own, and it is a job.

That’s the end of the story, but in the end, I think that [awareness of purpose] is important. I think that knowledge is just a means to obtain a purpose, and the purpose is to obtain wisdom. The story is complicated, but I think knowledge = means, wisdom = purpose.

If you write wisdom = purpose, it may feel strange, but I think that will be the case in the end.

What impressed me especially at the seminar was that the word “wisdom” was very important, and it was impressive that my eyes were shining when I was asked about my thoughts on “wisdom” during the question and answer session. did. I think that’s what I feel because I’m a person who has lived to gain “wisdom.”

Another thing I thought was that “wisdom” was valued, and I thought that it was deep to acquire “knowledge.” Specifically, the method of gaining knowledge from the amount of reading, the number of opportunities to meet people, and the ability to collect information on the Internet was quite wide and deep. Of course, the time is finite, so I think I have to cut something, but I think that most of those people are cutting the time to sleep uniformly. After all it is not sweet to live seriously. However, many people who are active in this way do not want to spend less time sleeping. Of course, I don’t force you. It’s really wonderful just doing it because he wants to do that. Whenever I hear a story like this, I am impressed.

I’m not very good at reading, but after listening to him, I started reading books. I simply wanted to be more greedy for how to acquire knowledge. And I would like to use the knowledge I gained more and more by writing in notes and talking to people. Because note is written for that purpose.

Until now, “output” has been important, but in the future, I will also be aware of the word “wisdom.”

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