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Fifteen persons, including a professor, are alleged to be down with Covid-19 after a birthday lunch with relatives.

Not fewer than fifteen persons have been reported to have contracted the coronavirus after a birthday lunch with relatives. According to the report, the Texan family has attended a belated birthday party of one of theirs where they had an in-house celebration that lasted a few hours. It was noted that the family had observed the CDC guideline on coronavirus and agreed to avoid family gatherings of any sort and had maintained this stand since the outbreak of the pandemic.


Prof Enriqueta Aragonez, Director of the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC) and research scientist, is among those affected by the virus. In an emotional video of her posted on Twitter by the City of Arlington, she said, “I went to my nephew’s house and loved seeing my family, but now, I’m fighting against covid-19”.

The professor was said to have been in a terrible situation as she was equally diagnosed with pneumonia in her lungs. The Arlington Hospital’s experts also discovered that the virus had caused damage to her heart as blood would come out of her mouth each time she had to cough. She was hospitalized for about a week with this condition before her case improved considerably. However, she has been discharged and is recovering.


The daughter, Alexa Aragonez, who also narrated her pains, confirmed that the family let down their guard at the birthday party and fell back to their old habit. Everyone gathered indoor and spoke to each other without wearing a face mask.


She expressed her regrets about how things unfolded for the family. In her words, “when we took my mum to hospital, we felt guilty for gathering.” She further noted that the situation has caused pain and brought loneliness to the family. “Of course, we regret getting together, but we all have in mind that this could be a lesson for us all. One moment of carelessness has cost us a month of peace, has cost us sleep, has cost us laughs, has cost us a lot of money.” She added that it could have been different if they had heeded the CDC guidelines.


Counting the event’s proceedings, she affirmed that they hadn’t planned it to hold indoor. Everyone naturally gravitated to the living room and took a seat one after the other as they arrived. They eventually gathered around the couch, eating cake and fajitas.

From the following day, the feeling of unwellness sets in. One after the other, everyone called in to report their state of ill-health. Within a week, everyone that attended the event was diagnosed with Covid-19, including the children.


Over the weekend, Texas state had announced 13,763 new coronavirus cases and over twenty thousand deaths. The state’s National Guard has sent a 36 member team to help at the morgues in El Paso following the announcement. People of color, including Latinos like the Aragonez family, who are Mexican American, continue to suffer increased mortality rates from the deadly virus.


In her advice, Enriqueta Aragonez encouraged every American to adhere to the CDC guideline and stay alive. She noted that even keeping social gathering small is not enough to prevent the coronavirus. She further warned that people should learn from her family’s situation. In her own words, “Please protect yourself. It’s real.”


Alexa Aragonez, adding voice to her mother’s plea, said, “Please, don’t be like our family and ignore the CDC guidelines. By staying apart, we can fight this virus together. The cure starts and ends with you.”

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