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Paragliding is a popular sky activity where you can experience flying in the sky like a bird. You can experience it in various areas throughout the world. You can also take a two-seater tandem flight with an instructor, so it is attractive not only for beginners but also for children and adults.

  • What is a paraglider?

An evolved parachute that allows you to glide like an airplane. The name comes from the “parachute type glider”.

Parachutes can only go down, but paragliders can go up in the wind. If you ride the wind well, you can climb more than 1,000m.

“Rise on the wind”

This is the real thrill of paragliding. Below are some of the things that paragliders often make mistakes.

  • Motor paraglider:

The pilot flies with the engine and propeller on his back.

Since it rises with the power of the engine, it plays a little differently from a normal paraglider without an engine.

If you compare it to the sea, a paraglider is like “surfing” playing in the waves, and a motor paraglider is like a “motor boat” cruising.

Paragliders prefer to fly when there is an updraft, while motor paragliders mainly fly when there is no updraft. This is because the engine can climb smoothly if there is no updraft.

It has the advantage of being able to fly without mountains, and the disadvantages of large and heavy equipment and loud engine noise.

  • Hang gliding:

The shape of the wing is a triangle.

Many of you are familiar with Lupine, Cat’s Eye, Kaito Kid, etc.

Because it flies face down, it feels more “superman” than a paraglider that sits and flies.

It has the advantages of better flight performance and faster speed than paragliders, and the disadvantages of being larger and heavier and more difficult to operate than paragliders.

  • Parasailing

It is a sea activity where you have a boat pull you like a kite.

The height is about 50 to 100m. You don’t have to operate it yourself, and you can feel like you’re flying easily.

  • Sky diving

Paragliders take off from the mountains with their wings open, while skydiving is a play where you can jump off planes and helicopters and enjoy freefall.

  • Paraglider takeoff

Skydiving usually jumps from a height of about 3,000 to 4,000 m.

The appearance of the parachute open is very similar to that of a paraglider, but the paraglider’s wings are slender and the skydiving parachute is square and small.

This is due to the nature of the wing that “the longer it is, the better the gliding performance.”

Since the skydiving parachute is for getting off, the gliding performance can be low.

  • Features of paraglider
  • The easiest item to fly! The equipment weighs about 15 kg and can be carried, and no force is required to control it.

Even those who are not confident in their physical strength can easily fly in the sky ♪

  • You can easily fly to various places The equipment is compact as a flying tool and can be put in a car.
  • How to get off

Get off in a wide area such as a meadow.

You can control it, so you can get off where you want it.

The impact of landing is about jumping off the chair.

It slows down firmly, so if you have enough leg strength to jog, it’s okay!

  • The first step of paragliding

Practice takeoff on a hill 30m high.

Start practicing from a height of 5m and gradually raise the starting point.

The flying height will gradually increase to 1m, 3m, 5m, and so on.

The flight distance on the hill is 100m, and the flight time is about 10 seconds.

Still, it’s a lot of fun to be able to fly on your own! !!

If you can fly from the hill without anxiety, try flying from the mountain!

  • Paragliding accidents and tips for safe enjoyment

What if you were asked such a question?

“Isn’t a car dead in an accident?”

There are many dangerous hobbies such as biking, diving and mountaineering.

Schools and guides exist to enjoy it safely.

The most difficult thing for a paraglider is “judgment of the wind”.

Beginners can’t judge the wind, so the instructor will choose a safe wind.

“If you fall, you may die. That’s why I take lessons so that I don’t fall,” he replies.

In fact, few people fall and die in paragliding lessons.

The annual death toll of paragliders in Japan is about three. (* Excluding motor paragliders) The

number of enthusiasts is about 10,000, so the mortality rate is 0.03%.

  • Summary:

Men and women of all ages, both heavy and light, need to be motivated to enjoy paragliding. Recently, there are many people who can start paragliding when they reach retirement age.

Basically, if you have a body that does not interfere with your life and you can run, you can enjoy it. Also, you don’t need any special athletic ability to play sky sports. Even people in wheelchairs can enjoy it with help. Therefore, there are so many people who come to the paraglider school.

It’s a group of people who want to enjoy paragliding purely, regardless of their work or age, so the stress of everyday life is really blown away.

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