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Rihanna in Black Panther

Earlier this week, a rumor had surfaced suggesting that Rihanna might be among the cast of the highly anticipated sequel to the Marvel franchise, Black Panther. As beautiful as the thought would be to have the nine-time Grammy winner be a part of the cast, the News has been debunked.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 24: Rihanna attends the “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets” European Premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on July 24, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

It was clear the world was so pumped up with the chances of getting Rihanna added to the cast of the already iconic movie, but unfortunately, there’s no truth to these speculations.


In 2018, Marvel debuted Black Panther, their first-ever film with a Black actor as the lead. The film broke the record as the biggest February opening weekend ever, landing the fifth-best opening weekend of all-time in the US. It became the most tweeted about movie in the year of its release. The prominent character, T’Challa, was played by Chadwick Boseman. He previously had appeared in Captain America: Civil War before getting his solo film, which proved successful to broad critical acclaim. Black Panther became the first to be nominated for the Oscars and one of the highest-grossing movies. It was then inevitable that a sequel would be on the way.


Following Boseman’s tragic passing sometime in August after a four-year battle with stage four colon cancer, much to the shock of Hollywood fans everywhere, Black Panther 2 has been slow to arrive. Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso, in a statement, said, “Our king, unfortunately, has died in real life, not just in fiction, and we are taking a little time to see how we return to history and what we do to honor this chapter of what has happened to us that was so unexpected, so painful, so terrible, really.”


Marvel has so far been silent about their plans for Black Panther 2. However, they confirmed they have decided not to recreate a Chadwick Boseman’s look-alike using CGI. With production slated for July 2021, behind the scenes efforts have slowly begun showing up, which has instead led to the internet rumor.


The News is attributed to have spread like wildfire when fans noticed that the music artist and entrepreneur had appeared in the movie cast when they googled Black Panther 2. But, just as it is said: Not everything on the internet is true; if it’s been said once, then it’s been said a million times more.


As a matter of fact, beyond the incorrect list, there’s no available evidence present to back the claim. While an iconic Rihanna in a Wakanda appearance would have been the boost everyone needs this year, it still doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. E! News has also confirmed the rumor to be untrue.


It isn’t the first time since the sequel has been announced a high-profile music artist’s involvement with Black Panther 2 has been debunked. It was once rumored that Beyoncé would contribute to the soundtrack, but that is not the case.


While Rihanna has over the years appeared in a couple of movies, featuring in Black Panther 2 is sadly not in the cards right now for her. This would undoubtedly be seen as a massive disappointment by her fans the world over.


As regards the supporting cast, Black Panther 2 is expected to see several of its stars’ return from the first movie. The likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, and Angela Basset. Beyond this, much of the Black Panther 2 is buried in mystery, and it remains to be seen as to when Marvel will pull back the curtain a bit more on the project. Most fans wonder what would happen to Chadwick Boseman’s role and how Marvel would handle it. That will likely remain the most outstanding question for a while till it’s resolved. However, at the least, one Black Panther 2 rumor has been officially debunked.

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