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Super City Concept

The “Revised National Strategic Special Zones Law,” which includes deregulation, was passed by the Diet on May 27, 2020, with the aim of realizing a future city “Super City” that makes use of cutting-edge technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) in community development. It was established and promulgated on June 3rd. It is expected that the movement toward realization will accelerate in the future, but what kind of town development are you aiming for? This time, I will explain the “SuperCity Concept” for new town development for the future.

  • What is the SuperCity concept?

The “Super City Concept” is a “livable future city” that provides residents with services such as distance education and medical care utilizing advanced technology, automatic delivery by drone, automatic driving of automobiles, and cashless payment. , It is an effort to realize it as a united business.

Utilization of advanced technology is carried out by the government and businesses, but it is a concept to comprehensively realize a better future society and life from the national perspective.

One of the features of the Super City concept is that it is trying to realize a state-of-the-art future city by relaxing the regulations that are harmful to the utilization of advanced technology by utilizing the “National Strategic Special Zones Law”.

  • What is the background behind the need for the SuperCity concept?

Today, Japan is facing social problems such as a declining birthrate and an aging population, a declining population, and population concentration in urban areas. It is thought that the background of the SuperCity concept is to solve these problems by creating a comfortable town that utilizes IT.

After conducting a “local government idea” to solicit ideas from local governments that are considering supercity, 56 groups submitted ideas by June 2020, and there is great interest in the supercity concept from all over the country. Has been sent.

  • Difference between super city and smart city:

“Smart city” is a town development concept that is very similar to SuperCity. A smart city is an initiative that aims to create a comfortable and livable city that takes energy and the environment into consideration by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as IT.

On the other hand, SuperCity will relax the regulations that are a problem when realizing services that utilize advanced technology in a limited area, and will actively promote the development. The difference between a super city, which is treated as a “special zone” that limits the area, and a smart city, which is not, is whether or not there is limited deregulation.

  • What will happen to your life with the realization of SuperCity?

Changes in people’s lives due to the realization of supercity include the realization of completely cashless payments and the realization of administrative procedures using personal terminals such as smartphones, which are closely related to daily life. In addition, various services such as automatic driving / delivery, automatic garbage collection, and telemedicine can be used.

In addition, it is suitable for each inhabitant by sharing and analyzing the data held by the government and private companies, such as linking outpatient reservations and car dispatch services so that cars can be arranged automatically. The policy is to establish a mechanism to provide services. It is also expected that the realization of a super city will improve the convenience of living and lead to the revitalization of regions suffering from population decline.

  • Challenges for realizing SuperCity:

There are still many issues to be solved toward the realization of a super city, which is also called the “whole future city.” Specifically, what are the challenges?

  • There is a possibility of information leakage:

SuperCity says that it is possible to build a foundation for mutual cooperation by centrally managing data with safe technology and exchanging information managed by businesses and information held by the government.

Since the business operator can request the government to provide information, there is a risk that personal information held by the national and local governments will be passed on to the business operator. The risk of information leakage and how to protect personal information are one of the issues of the SuperCity concept.

  • Residents’ opinions may be ignored:

Residents’ agreement is required for the development of SuperCity, but there are criticisms that it is not specified how the agreement is actually made.

It can be said that the issue that needs to be resolved is that the chiefs and others have forcibly proceeded with the maintenance and the opinions of the residents may not be reflected.

  • Summary Let’s pay attention to the future trend of the SuperCity concept:

The “SuperCity Concept”, which uses advanced technology to create a comfortable city to live in, is expected to accelerate its realization with the enactment of the revised National Strategic Special Zones Law. Although there are merits such as the expectation of revitalization of rural areas by SuperCity, there are still issues to be solved such as how to protect personal information and how to reflect the opinions of residents.

The question is how to resolve the issues and anxieties that have been pointed out and aim to realize a future city that is comfortable to live in. The SuperCity initiative involves all parties, including countries and regions, businesses and residents. We should pay attention to the trend of what will happen in the future.

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