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The quest of the US President Donald Trump to invalidate the outcome of the November election has suffered another setback as the Michigan board certifies Biden’s victory in the state presidential votes on Monday. The president had earlier challenged his defeat in selected states, claiming that the process was characterized by electoral fraud in those states.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks before pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Corn, during a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020. President Trump celebrated stock market gains and progress toward coronavirus vaccines in hastily arranged remarks at the White House on Tuesday that lasted barely more than one minute. Photographer: Kevin Deitsch/UPI/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The President-elect Joe Biden earned the vote of Republican board member Aaron Van Langevelde and the two Democrats to get certified. In contrast, the other GOP and republican board member, Norm Shinkle, abstained. Norm’s action is not unconnected with the alleged threats he claimed to have received regarding the case at hand.

He claimed to have received outright threats and nasty emails telling him the risk his family will face due to his involvement in the Michigan board. In his words, “I don’t know about my Democrat colleagues, but I know Aaron and I received quite a few comments, outright threats, nasty emails telling me my family’s at risk.” “I had one person even suggest simply, you got to vote yes to certify for the safety of your family,” Norm added in a video of him available on the internet.


A few days after Trump had an unusual Whitehouse gathering with Michigan State Republican lawmakers in Washington, the Michigan canvasser board reached this decision.

There are speculations that the meeting was an attempt by the Whitehouse to get the lawmakers to nominate Trump’s allies to the Electoral College and overturn the Michigan People’s popular will. However, lawmakers claim there was no evidence of any infraction in the November election in any part of the state. They added that they would follow the state’s law, which requires selecting the electoral college through a popular vote.


The spokesperson for Biden’s Michigan campaign team, Ben Halle, hails the board for recognizing as clear fact, Biden’s victory in the state. In his statement, following the board decision, Ben noted that the President-elect, Joe Biden won his election in Michigan with over 150,000 votes, which is fourteen times more than Trump’s victory margin in 2016.


Jenna Ellis, the senior legal counsel to Trump’s campaign team, claims the certification is only a procedural step. In her own words, “certification by state officials is just a procedural step. We will continue to fight voter fraud across the country as we fight to count all legal votes.” She further added that “Americans need to be assured that the end results are fair and legitimate.”


In a similar turn of events, the court sitting in Pennsylvania has stroke out the lawsuit brought before it by the Trump Campaign. The lawsuit claims that there were widespread irregularities with the mail-in ballot in Pennsylvania.

Brann, The federal Judge, dismiss the lawsuit claiming that there were no compelling legal arguments nor factual proof of rampant corruption to back their claim. He further added that Trump’s campaign provided a strained legal view and speculative accusations that lack merit as they were unsupported by evidence.

This development has further reduced Trump’s chances of staying in the Whitehouse beyond January 2021.

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