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What are good parenting skills?

When you want to start working, you may be worried about whether you can do it. What kind of parenting skills do you need to create a comfortable working environment? And how can you wear it? In fact, good parenting skills gives you the skills you need most to create a comfortable working environment.

We will taught you how to train your work skills while raising children. There are three points to train your work skills while raising children: involve people, prioritize them, and take good care of yourself even when you are busy.

  • Five work skills cultivated through “child-rearing experience”
  1. You can prioritize important things in a limited amount of time.
  2. With the help of those around you, you can get involved and do things as a team
  3. You can abandon perfectionism and have a flexible idea
  4. You can be tolerant of things that you do not want
  5. Even if it is complicated and ambiguous, you can gain the driving force to move forward.
  • How to train your work skills while raising children

These five skills are naturally cultivated during childcare, but they can be further refined by being aware of them. Therefore, Mr. We says that by being aware of three things, you can improve your work ability while raising children.

  1. Involve people
  2. Prioritize
  3. Take good care of yourself even when you are busy.

These three are very important at work.

  • How to hold mental health during childcare

What kind of mental health should a career woman have during childcare?

“It’s about having a medium- to long-term perspective. If you focus only on’now’, you may be stuck and it may be difficult, but how will your experience live in 10 or 20 yearsFrom the irreplaceable experience of childcare, Occasionally look back on what I’m learning and put it into my own words, because that lesson will one day be put to good use in my work. ”

  • Powerful Skills

Parenting skills are very powerful skills, and you can unlock new advanced actions by raising the level. Parents can grow from just adults to masters of parenting that are truly regarded. As your parenting skills increase, you gain the ability to advise other parents, help resolve their children’s negative emotions and desires, and even encourage them to change their behavior.

All are very powerful abilities! With those powers, you can explore the secrets of parenting in every corner and shape your child’s growth period with love and ideals.

  • Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is effective for children’s brains and also stimulates the motivation of adults .

Onomatopoeia is an onomatopoeia / mimicry word such as “dossily”, “pounding”, and “slurry”. Words such as “one-one (dog)” and “boo-boo (car)” as baby talk are also applicable. The effect of onomatopoeia is to work the auditory cortex of the brain (listening to sounds and voices) in a wide range and to nurture the brain . Therefore, it seems that it can be expected to be effective for the brain of children in the developmental stage .

In fact, just by imagining the behavior concretely, “Turn off the TV, drink a glass of water, open the reference book, and start studying”, the area of   the striatum of the brain is activated and you can act enthusiastically. That’s right, but if you interweave “onomatopoeia” at that time, the brain will be activated more . For example:

  1. Turn off the TV
  2. Gollum drink and 1 cup of water
  3. Open the reference book quickly
  4. Start studying quickly
  • Cooking with children

In particular, ” cooking with your child ” trains your child’s ability to help when he or she goes out into society or when parents work.

By repeating “showing the child the cooking setup-> remembering-> explaining the setup” , “setup ability” and “explanatory ability” which is said to be one of the communication skills It seems that you can extend it.

In addition, in a questionnaire survey, “the ability to help work gained through housework and child-rearing experience” was ranked first and second in “setup ability”. Was “communication ability” .

Parents must set up and explain in a way that is easy for their children to understand, especially when cooking with their children

  • Summary

You can learn how to work by starting work. However, grasping the current situation while observing it objectively and communicating it positively has a great influence on what is accumulated in daily life.

It’s easy to think that what you learned while raising a child has nothing to do with your work. However, parenting is about raising people, so you can learn the most necessary things to interact with people. You don’t have to lose confidence that you’re only raising children. Recall that every day is a practice to acquire the skills you need most for your work, and challenge yourself with confidence.

Balancing childcare and work is not straightforward. That is why it seems that you will need to be aware of yourself.

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