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Why is business etiquette necessary?

Why do you need “business etiquette” to work in society? What is “manner” in the first place? Do you think that “manner” must be observed, embarrassing if you can’t do it, and troublesome? Here are three reasons why “business etiquette” is necessary and the essence of “manner”.

  • What is business etiquette in the first place?

Do you know what “manners” are in the first place? I think many people are confused with “rules”, so let’s compare them.

  • “Rules”: Written “rules”. There are penalties if you do not follow. (“Traffic rules”, “Soccer rules”, etc.)
  • “Manners”: “Etiquette” is a formalization of “feelings” that cherish the other person. There are no penalties even if you do not protect it, and you will protect it voluntarily. (“Business etiquette”, “table etiquette”, etc.)

In other words, business etiquette is “compassion” for the other person in business. Not only is it a defensive implication that does not make the other person uncomfortable, but it is also a manifestation of “I want to build a good relationship with you.”

  • Why you need business etiquette?

Business etiquette is something that is on the agenda for working people, but why is it so important? There is also the idea that you don’t have to worry about detailed manners if you are achieving results at work, but is that really the case?

Here are three reasons why you need business etiquette.

  • Reason 1: To build a relationship of trust in the business environment

The business world is made up of people of different ages, genders, experiences and values. One index that various people can have in common is “business etiquette.”

There are people in the world who think that people who can’t say hello with their eyes, use words strangely, don’t even know how to exchange business cards … can’t trust people who don’t have such “basics of business etiquette”. There are many.

  • Reason 2: To influence the image of the organization

For example, suppose you visit a company for the first time, and when you’re confused at the reception, an employee who passes by notices you, but only glances at you and doesn’t say hello. You may feel uncomfortable not only with the employees but also with the “company” itself, saying, “What is this” company “. It feels bad.”


On the other hand, when the employee notices you, he immediately greets you with a bright smile, kindly asks, “Are you visiting?” It feels good, “and you will like the” company “itself.

This applies not only to customer support, but also to phone and email support. From the customer’s point of view, “each employee who responds is the representative of the organization.” A single employee can influence the overall impression of an organization.

  • Reason 3: For CS (Customer Satisfaction)

CS (Customer Satisfaction) requires two elements, “physical element” and “human element”.

“Physical elements” include good product quality, a wide variety of products, and stores close to train stations. On the other hand, the “human element” is what people do, specifically, employees have a wealth of product knowledge, and they respond comfortably with a smile.

  • Keep time and deadline:

You must adhere to the time and deadline in every situation such as working every sunrise, submitting materials, business talks and meetings. No matter how skillful and excellent a person is evaluated, if the time and deadline are not met, the evaluation will be shaken in an instant, which is an important factor in the business scene.

If you can’t make it in time, report it promptly when a delay is expected. If you make a mistake, be careful not to contact us until the set time and deadline have passed.

  • Do not confuse public and private:

You should avoid bringing private feelings and things into your work. Be aware of the line between work and private life and avoid confusion between public and private. For example, it is strictly forbidden to make private contacts or browse non-work related sites during work.

In addition, you must not post company information or confidential information obtained at work to your private SNS account or talk to others.

  • Be careful about your appearance:

Grooming is an important factor that influences your first impression. Try to be clean and groomed so that the other person does not feel uncomfortable.

In addition, please pay attention to the following when dressing up.

  • Arrange your hair so that you don’t fall asleep and avoid unusual hair coloring
  • Choose a suit or shirt that suits your TPO and body shape, and iron or clean it to smooth out wrinkles.
  • Polish your shoes
  • Take care of bad breath and body odor and refrain from using excessive perfume
  • Keep your nails reasonably long so they don’t get too long
  • Tie hair that is too long
  • Be aware of natural makeup
  • Avoid skirts that are too short and heels that are too high


  • Summary:

As long as you have “business etiquette”, you will not be able to get a contract, increase the number, or advance. However, it is quite possible that you will not be able to get a contract, increase your numbers, or advance your career if you do not have “business etiquette”. (I can work, but I am not well-groomed, so I am not invited to important business negotiations, I am not hired because the content of the proposal is good, but the wording is bad, etc.) Let’s review your own “business etiquette” once again.

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