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Work is Team Building

Are you the type of person who mainly takes the initiative in doing work?

Or are you the type to work with others with the cooperation?

In the case of work, I often work as a “team”, and even if I can do my best by myself, I think there are quite a few people who are not familiar with the movements and reactions around them and are worried.

  • Work is not an individual battle but a team battle:

Let’s compare it with a team sport called soccer.

By the time you start playing soccer, you will become more and more absorbed in the fun by developing your own skills, such as practicing lifting and shooting.

Depending on the amount of individual practice, your success in the game will change. However, even if you can play an active role individually, it does not necessarily mean that you can win the game. Soccer is a teamwork sport, so no matter how good your personal skills are, you can’t win the match alone.

  • The most important thing at work is team building:

Think of the soccer parable as your own job.

While struggling alone may not lead to business success, it can also be a huge success that you couldn’t achieve on your own thanks to the team that supports you.

My job is a team battle. How you think and act as a member of the team is important. It is no exaggeration to say that building a good team is the cornerstone of work.

  • If you try to be a good team, you can grow:

Even if you understand that teamwork is important, there may be times when you feel that “teamwork does not go well” when you work as a team every day.

Especially for those who have the skills to deal with work by their own power, they often feel dissatisfied, saying, “Other people are not doing well! I am doing it properly.”

But if you blame others for what your team isn’t doing well, improvement doesn’t start. Let’s change our mindset here and think about the points that the team can improve by connecting them to improving their abilities.

Improving a team does not lead to a fundamental improvement if only one person works hard to cover others and suppress himself. Let’s think of it as an opportunity to draw out the power of each team member and improve their ability to involve people in their work .

For example, if you are a team leader or manager, you can connect the goal of improving your own skills with the team’s improvement issues, such as “developing information sharing for the project” and “learning motivational communication methods”. By doing so, you can work on it as an opportunity for your own growth.

  • You can contribute to building a good team from any standpoint:

Team improvement is not limited to leaders. Even if you are a member, you can take actions to make a good team from the bottom up.

For example, even small things such as “try to actively speak out to create an atmosphere where you can speak with peace of mind” can ensure the psychological safety. In addition, “creating an atmosphere of” let’s help if you have a problem “by actively supporting each member’s shortcomings” is also a teamwork improvement action that can be reduced.

In this way, if you can act to lead a good team from any position, you will be able to improve the overall strength of the entire team, including yourself, and lead to work results.

  • Polish both your team and yourself for great results:

It is you who are a member of the team that make a good team. And the team is also the place to make yourself. It’s important to see improving your team as an opportunity for your own growth, not serving others or restraining yourself.

Hone both your team and yourself to achieve great results at work that you can’t achieve on your own.

  • What players are needed in team sports?

The big difference between individual and group sports such as land, swimming, judo and boxing is that even if each individual is good, it is not always possible to win. In football with 11 players, uniting as a team is the most important factor.

In an individual sport, the individual (one player) is responsible for all the mental and physical abilities required for the sport. However, what is interesting about team sports is that each player has different abilities and roles. If everyone is a group with the same abilities and roles, it will be difficult for the team to achieve results in group sports. The result is that each player plays a role and exerts the necessary abilities in order to unite as a team and produce results.

The difficulty with group sports is that sometimes the abilities that a team wants from them are different from the abilities they want to demonstrate. The role your team wants from you may not be what you want it to be. However, even so, if each player plays as he or she likes, no result can be achieved in group sports. In group sports, the balance with the players around you is very important.

Players playing group sports are “what are the abilities required by the team” and “what are the roles required by the team”. By clarifying these two things, you can leave results as a team and play an active role as an individual.

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